1:1 Doodle Guidance Sessions

Is This You?

You are curious about what your higher self wants to share with you, perhaps because you are at a crossroads or feel stuck or just want to continue growing.

Or you are wondering what your purpose is or how to use your gifts in service of our human evolution.

Or you want to nurture some area of your life (relationships, work, adventure, etc.) and ponder how you might get a new perspective.

You love the questions, the journey, the discoveries, and the growth. You are excited by transformation and new insights.

You are probably someone who already listens to podcasts, loves a variety of spiritual tools, reads books on the topics of personal and professional development, and finds mentors/teachers/coaches/therapists/guides to seek wisdom from.

And, yet, you want more. You are always seeking new ways to go on inner adventures.

Well, if any of that describes you, then a Doodle Guidance session just might be a pretty fun and illuminating exploration for you to try next!


What the Heck is Doodle Guidance?

It is transformational coaching using doodles!

Some of you immediately love that, but I know I have lost some of you. Give me 30 more seconds!

Before those who “cannot draw” run away, I assure you that NO drawing skills are necessary. For this ride, you have everything you need as long as you have a pen/pencil and something to scratch on. I promise. (Oftentimes it helps to “not be an artist” because the process is most effective when you let go of the idea that it has to be good!)

And, before those who are “serious” about their growth run away, I assure you that doodles are not only fun, but can be deeply profound as well. (Just check out this blog or this one…) Any inspiring spiritual leader, past and present, exemplifies that lighthearted play is a cornerstone of expanded consciousness!


Ok, I’m Still Listening… But WHY Doodles?

I could write so much on this, but I will hold back and try to be succinct! I will leave you first with this image:

That image captures a really important aspect of doodling for higher consciousness: the approach. When we approach things in a relaxed way, in the spirit of curiosity and play, letting go of outcomes and opening up to whatever might happen, really cool things show up and happen! No joke.

A doodle can also provide a new way of looking at something. Quite literally. You might think your doodle has nothing to do with your question at hand, but it does. As you learn the language of visual literacy and contemplate the symbols, suddenly your doodle will have much to say to you on any topic.

Finally, the doodle can provide ongoing guidance way beyond one coaching session. It can share different things on different days. You can keep playing with it. You can make other doodles inspired by it. You can ask others what they see. It just keeps giving!

I’m Diggin’ What You Are Saying. So, What Actually Happens in a Session?

Excellent question. Here are the components of every 45 minute session:

Get Present: We will take a few minutes to find our breath and get centered. If there is any spiritual practice you want to bring into this part, it can be integrated or we can do a simple breathing exercise to bring us into the present moment where we can be in touch with the wisest part of ourselves.

Warm Up/Check In: We get to the heart of what brought you to the session in a way that also helps you to get used to doodling. I will instruct you on how to do a quick doodle and we will use it to get clear on the question you want to explore. No question is too big or too small!

Visualization: I will lead you through a visualization based on the question at hand. This is a way to transition into doodling. As images start coming into your mind and your imagination opens up, you will find doodling to come more naturally and easily.

Stream-of-Consciousness Doodle: You will spend about 10 minutes following your doodle. No, you will not tell your doodle where to go. You will not have an “end” agenda. You let it move through you being inspired by the question and the contemplation of that question. I will help you get to this place :)

Contemplation/Reflection: This part is super juicy! Here we dive into all that came up while you doodled as well as what we can see looking at your doodle. Even if it was one squiggle, we could talk about it for an hour - haha! I will ask guiding questions here for you to uncover your own inner wisdom and offer any guidance from my intuition as well.

Inspired Action: Such a reflection usually inspires some kind of next step. We will find what that is for you on your journey!

I’m Game! How Much and What’s Next?

All you have to do is click that little yellow Contact Us button below and we will schedule a time together!

A 45-minute session is $75 due before the start of the session. There are many ways to pay including credit card, PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle.


I’m Not Sure Yet… How Can I Learn More?

Give it a try at the next free Doodle-Shop for Higher Consciousness workshop! Click here to learn more.

Who Are You?

Hello! I’m Karen Light and I am first and foremost, a hungry seeker like you.

My seeking has taken me to many places! I have worked with shamans, been on many types of retreats, worked with Jungians to interpret dreams and art as a source of higher wisdom, play with my tarot cards daily, get reiki on a regular basis, surround myself with seekers, read books, and make art - lots and lots of art as a path to deeper understanding and connection to all that is.

Along the way, I got stuck in my art-making and started doodling without any agenda in a small notebook to soothe my frustrations. And it became transformational. Guidance was coming to me quicker than it ever had and I couldn’t get enough. Even when I got through my art-block, I kept doodling. I even wrote and illustrated a book called Once Upon a Doodle and created the Creative Wisdom Doodle Deck!

Using my extensive background in teaching and coaching, I created doodle-shops to see if it could be transformational for others and it was! Through that experience, I created a doodle method that I can use in groups or with individuals to help them unlock their own inner wisdom and higher consciousness through creative play.

I can’t wait to play with you on your transformational journey!