Creative Coaching and Workshops

Creative Coaching is for artists and artists-at-heart who feel they either have to starve their souls or starve their wallets.

Are you an artist or artist-at-heart? Are you a painter, writer, illustrator, musician, actor, photographer, etc? Do you find yourself stuck between either starving your soul or starving your wallet? If so, you may be familiar with some of the following scenarios:

  • You have a job or maybe multiple jobs to pay the bills, but it depletes your energy and you are frustrated at how little you have left to create what you really want to make.
  • You have taken a leap of faith to focus on your art-making, but are struggling to pay the bills and are always stressed about your financial situation.
  • You have found a way to make some money with your art, but it has sucked the joy out of it.
  • You have clear direction as an artist, but no idea how to get that out in the world in a way that feels good to you and honors what you have created.
  • You have no idea how to monetize what you create in a way that feels good.
  • You once had a creative direction or you have a strong sense that you are meant to be an artist, but you are struggling to find your unique creative voice that you want to express to the world.

My hope for your creative coaching journey is:

  • You no longer feel like you have to chose between your soul and your bank account. You know you can have both and feel empowered and capable to make it happen.
  • You find and/or deepen your confidence in your own unique creative voice.
  • You discover that the business side of art can be just as creative as making the art.
  • You learn practical skills to help you get your work out in the world. And you find ways to adapt those skills so that you do it in a way that feels true to your art and good to your soul.
  • You create systems that help you to joyfully and consistently make the art that is in your soul.
  • You reduce the financial stress in your life and find ways to support yourself that do not take away from your energy for art-making.
  • You find a way to make money with your art and enjoy the process.
  • You feel like you have a strong, exciting vision and a roadmap to help you continue the process of making it a reality.

During Creative Coaching you will:

  • Go deeper into your Creative Journey Roadmap assessment. What is your big vision? What feels the most imperative to you at the moment? What are the biggest stressors? Where are your strengths? These are just some of the questions that will help us to form a direction for your Creative Coaching journey.
  • Learn practical skills and strategies. Depending on your vision, you will be introduced to skills and strategies to help you find your voice, express yourself authentically, build relationships around your creative business, pricing your work, creating healthy discipline that keeps you making, etc.
  • Receive emotional support. Being a creative is all about soul and the soul is full of emotions! You will feel all the feels and rest assured that you will be met there with nurturing and tools to help you navigate them in a way that will help you to grow and learn.
  • Be challenged. There are times for nurturing and there are times for being challenged. We are often the only ones in our own way. We have to be willing to question our thoughts and beliefs in order to transcend and grow into the kind of person who has the kind of success you want.
  • Identify next steps. Yes, you will get “homework” of sorts! But this work will be directly related to your focus and help you to make progress towards your vision. You will help to create these assignments in order to ensure the greatest chance for success in completion.

The nitty gritty of how it works:

  • Together we will determine the number of sessions and how often we will meet.
  • Sessions are 60 minutes on Zoom.
  • You will be able to submit notes ahead of time that Karen will review and provide feedback on in preparation for the session.
  • Sessions are $65-$95, sliding scale, no questions asked, and must be paid upfront to reserve your session.
  • Fill out Your Creative Journey Roadmap Assessment and you will be contacted to set up a session time!

I am very excited to put our creative minds and hearts together to provide a meaningful, productive, and helpful experience for you!

    Who is the Creative Coach?

    Hello! I am Karen Light and I am a thriving artist who is always looking to thrive more!

    Was I always? Oh no. I have absolutely been through every scenario listed at the top of this page. I have worked so many jobs that I had no time to create. I have even worked in the arts with no time to make my art. I have had client work that sucked the joy out of making. I spent so much time just wondering how the heck people make a business of art and soooo much time hating the idea of having to be a business person!!

    But, bit-by-bit, I learned. I grew. I tried. I failed. I found some small successes. I found some small joys. I took two steps forward and one step back. I evolved. I questioned. I laughed at myself. I cried many tears. I carved out time. I developed a vision. I persevered. I discovered that I was capable. And I found many mentors along the way, some of which I still continue to learn from.

    Because of this, I created my own illustration business and found joy in coaching other creatives like me. I also reconnected with art I make just for me and found time for that too. I actually found a part-time job that I love and that feeds my creativity and personal mission in life.

    Is it perfect? Nope. I want SO MUCH MORE! But I’m doing it. And I want you to see that you can do it too.

    If you are interested in my qualifications, in addition to being an artist and a art business owner, I have a BFA in Visual Arts from Xavier University and a MA in Cultural Management from City University London. I have been in education for 20+ years where I was first trained and fell in love with coaching. Part-time, I am an Executive Function Coach for Beyond Booksmart. I also hold a Life Coach certification from School of Modern Applied Psychology and a Life Purpose Coach Certification from Transformation Services.

    I can’t wait to meet you. I can’t wait to see your magic and see you share it with all who need it.

    "I had the pleasure of having Karen as my creative coach for six months as a part of her Artist Apprentice Program. During this time, I was able to get clearer about my direction as an artist and my purpose as a creative person.

    Karen had a superb way of asking the right questions to illuminate stories I kept telling myself subconsciously which were blocking my creative progress. She was an excellent guide through my crippling doubts and confusion. I really didn’t believe that I could find a coach that I could trust and feel comfortable with. Not only did Karen understand my needs but she was also very patient with me, going with the flow while maintaining structure in our sessions.

    As an amazing artist and businesswoman, Karen knows exactly what creatives face in their desire to become abundant through their creative endeavors. Each of our coaching sessions focused on a topic that creatives find challenging on their journey such as building a creative community, charging for artwork, fear and insecurity surrounding putting our work out there, and many more topics. With each session, I was challenged to make concrete steps to accomplish my goals and to become a better artist and businessperson. These skills also translated into my daily life, where I was able to fine-tune my routine and improve my habits.

    In addition to her incredible talent as a creative coach, Karen is also a warm and engaging person with whom I felt at ease sharing my concerns. If you are on the fence about hiring a creative coach, I very highly recommend choosing Karen who will know exactly how to guide you through your unique concerns and needs.  
    — Sebila Kratovac


    Unlock the power of visual imagery to see yourself, your world, and the world in new ways.


    Tues, February 15th, 2022, 10:30-11:30 am EST. FREE :)

    With doodling, you can awaken your innate creativity and explore your inner and outer world in a playful process that embraces “mistakes” and releases outcomes - the perfect environment for fresh ideas and perspectives to grow. Doodles invite us to reconnect with curiosity and joy, to leave room for surprise, and to relax more in our daily lives. As we do, images emerge from our unconscious that have much to share with us and can become powerful tools for guidance.

    No artistic skills are necessary. Just as you don't need to be a novelist to write words, you don't need to be a painter to doodle images! All you need is an open mind, an open heart, paper, and something to doodle with.

    You can also hire us to do a doodle-shop for you team, your friends, or as a one-to-one experience! Contact us and let’s have a conversation.

    "I’ve always been a “doodler”, however, I never really understood the value. Now, I do. Through this doodling event, I was able to slow down and take time to understand my “self”, my beliefs, and my goals much better. I highly recommend that everyone take time out to attend and experience how doodling can help to transform your life."
    — Doodle Workshop Participant