About Karen Light

Hello there!

I am an artist who is constantly in awe of the natural world.  I want to live close to it, learn from it, merge with it, and capture it in color and images.  Sometimes the process is deeply serious and sometimes it is as playful as a leaf dancing in the wind.  But always it is a journey full of wisdom and guidance.  

Color is my favorite thing about creating, followed by getting my hands messy with whatever materials call to me.  I want to cut away and build up, layer, and erase until the spiritual significance is revealed with satisfying resonance.

Art has always been the one sure thing in my life.  I have a BFA from Xavier University and an MA in Cultural Management from City University London.  I have taught art for two decades and love my role as a Creative Coach helping artists and non-artists alike unleash their creativity and create the life they want.  

I have illustrated many books now through my company, Studio Light Illustration, and continue to write my own stories as they come to me.  I have also launched HowDoodle.com which utilizes an intentional doodling process to help people both grow and have fun doing it!

My spiritual practices deeply ground me in my work and life.  They are integral to my creative path and I look to them for inspiration, guidance, and purpose!  Through the years, I have studied many traditions and eventually began to provide services for others with tarot, reiki, and numerology.  

Reach out anytime!