✮✮ Numerology Readings ✮✮

Numbers can be WAY more meaningful than just their numeric value!  Each number carries an energy and a depth of symbolism that you can harness to find more fulfillment and success in life! 

Knowing your numbers can help you to:

✶ gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your patterns, your beliefs, and your behaviors

✶ connect with your purpose and path in life

✶ find your next step as you pursue what matters most

✶ choose which energy to harness and use it with deep intention for more success

✶ unblock yourself when feeling stuck and stagnant

✶ calm yourself when feeling upset and anxious

✶ be in better relationship with the people in your life

    ✮ What Is Included in a Reading? ✮

    For Individual Readings: 

    ✦ A 30-40 minute audio reading for 10 different numbers in your chart. Your reading will also include inside into a question that you have.

    An intuitive drawing based on your numbers with an audio recording.  This image will provide you with even more insight and ongoing guidance.

    For Compatibility Readings:

    ✦ A 30-40 minute audio recording for 10 different numbers that describes the potential challenges and positive aspects of the relationship's dynamic.  Your reading will also include inside into a question that you have.  

    An intuitive drawing based on the relationship's numbers with an audio recording. This image will provide you with even more insight and ongoing guidance.

    ✮ What Are the Numbers? ✮

    Life Path Number: This is your main lesson in your life.  The light/positive aspects of this number is what you are seeking to embody in every area of your life, work, and relationships.

    Expression Number:  This represents your natural way of expressing yourself.  It is a skill that comes easily to you and that you can harness to help you along on your life path.

    Soul Urge Number: This is what your heart truly deeply desires.  It is more specific than your life path - it is something within your life path that can motivate and draw you in.

    Personality Number: The energy of this number is the first impression that people have of you.  It can happen by default, but with awareness, you can use the positive aspects to start relationships off on a good foot.

    Birthday Number: This represents a special gift/talent that you have.  Putting it to good use will help you to progress in your life path.

    Growth Number: When you want to reach a new goal, harnessing this energy will help you to grow in the ways that the goal requires.  

    Balance Number: The energy of this number will help you to find balance when things are chaotic, stressful, frustrating, etc.

    Maturity Number:  This is an energy that you will grow more into starting at mid-life and beyond.  It will help you to more fully come into the positive aspects of your life path and feel fulfilled.

    Hidden Passion Number: This is an area of expertise.  Applying and amplifying this wisdom will help you on your path.

    Personal Year Number:  This the overall energy of the calendar year for you.  We all move through each of the numbers in a cycle and understanding where you are in that cycle can help you to prioritize and focus.

      ✮ How is the Reading Delivered? ✮

      All readings are recorded and shared via Google Drive!  When you get the link, you will see a recording for each number. Each recording is 3-4 minutes long, which adds up to a 30-40 minute reading.  Additionally, you will receive an intuitive drawing based on your numbers and I will send you one more 3-5 minute recording providing guidance that I intuit from the image related to your question(s).  

      ✮ How Much Does a Reading Cost? ✮

      𖤐 General Reading with Insight into Your Question - $77 

      𖤐 Additional Questions - $22 per additional question.

      𖤐 Combination Readings (your name at birth and your current name) - $132.

      𖤐 Compatibility Readings (you and one other person) - $99

      ✮ What is My Next Step? ✮

      All you have to do is fill out this form!  Once you pay, I will complete your reading within 3-5 days and provide you with the link to of the recordings and image.

      I look forward to serving you on your most fulfilling and successful journey!