⚝⚝ Tarot Card Readings ⚝⚝

Images and symbols have a way of speaking volumes!  Whether you are seeking guidance in your career, your relationships, or any other part of your life, your tarot card reading will provide you with encouragements, watch-outs, and plenty of food-for-thought for your journey.  

✰ My Philosophy on Tarot ✰

✮ You always have agency.  I don't believe that the cards determine what will or what will not happen.  I do believe they can provide guidance on what energies to harness in order to get what you want or avoid what you don't want.  I also believe they can reveal what we need to watch out for - what stands in the way of our highest good/the highest good for all involved.
✮ There are no bad cards. In my view, the cards are for our highest good.  They do not judge or predict disaster.  Sometimes the cards that scare us the most end up being the most helpful.  They get our attention in a way that makes us more likely to observe our thoughts/emotions/behavior so we can direct ourselves in more beneficial ways.  
✮ The guidance can keep evolving.  If you receive a reading, make sure to capture an image of the cards.  (I allow my clients to record our Zoom sessions and they can take screenshots.) Check back in on the cards the next day or a few days later to see what jumps out to you.  As you evolve, so do the cards.  As you take steps, the same cards can guide you in different ways for the next steps.
✮ You (and anyone) can read the cards. Everyone has the capacity to read the tarot cards.  It is a practice in opening up to and trusting your intuition.  During readings, I often ask clients a few questions to involve them in the interpretations because I want people to be able to use the tarot as a powerful tool in their lives.  If you would like to know more about how to read the tarot, please see the option for an intro training below.

✰ Services ✰

✦ 45-Minute Reading = $55:  Bring your questions and I will give you a reading via Zoom!  You will be able to choose from a few different decks and a few different spreads.  You will be able to record your session for reference. 

✦ 75-Minute Tarot Reading and Coaching = $144: The same as above, only I will also provide you with coaching following your reading. I'm a certified, experienced coach who can help you to break down the information into prioritized, actionable steps and help you identify strategies for carrying them out.

✦ 60-Minute Intro to Tarot Training = $77: Do you want to learn how to read the cards for yourself and maybe even read for others someday?  I will teach you the basics of tarot, show you my method of intuitively reading the cards, and walk you through several practice readings.  You must have a tarot card deck (NOT oracle) for this training which will be done via Zoom.

✰ What Is My Next Step? ✰

Fill out this simple form to let me know what you are interested in. Then, we will schedule a time together and I will send you payment options.  I look forward to being a part of your journey to a more fulfilling, meaningful, joyful, abundant life!