⚝⚝ Distance Reiki Doodle Sessions ⚝⚝

✰This 60 Minute Healing Session is for people who want:

Insight into a challenge or curiosity.  Reiki can bring you guidance for your journey!

✦ Stress reduction. Reiki helps you to relax and promotes a calm nervous system!

Alignment and flow.  Reiki energy realigns your chakras so that your energy flows freely!

✰ What Is Reiki? ✰

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique.  I am a Reiki Master practicing Usui Reiki which was created by Dr. Mikao Usui in the early 20th century.  

"Rei" means divine and "ki" means energy.  Therefore, Reiki is Divine Energy!  It is the energy that flows through everything!  

We often find that our energy becomes blocked due to past traumas and current challenges.  A Reiki Master is tuned into the Reiki energy and transfers it to you through their hands.  Some place the hands directly on the body. Some hover the hands over the body.  And some transfer it over long-distance as you don't have to be in person for it to work!

Reiki is never harmful!  It always goes where it needs to go for the highest good of all involved.  

✰ What Is Reiki Doodle? ✰

Reiki Doodle is my unique approach to Reiki that involves imagery.

When I am working on a client, I see images and hear messages for the client.  I take time to doodle those things out and we use the image to process the session.  

The image reveals guidance and the receiver often sees their own messages in addition to what I share with them.  Every client gets to keep their image as a visual reminder and ongoing guidance.

✰ What Does a Session Look Like? ✰

𖤐 We will connect via the phone or Zoom, whichever you prefer.

𖤐 I will ask you about your intention for the session and let you know what to expect.

𖤐 We will hang up.  You will set a timer and meditate for 30 minutes.  

𖤐 Meanwhile, I will tune into the Reiki energy and perform a session for you using tarot cards, stones, crystals, symbols, and doodling.  You may experience sensations in the body or have an emotional release.  You may also see visions or hear messages.  At the very least, you should feel very relaxed and calm.

𖤐 When your timer goes off, you will call me or jump back on Zoom.  I will invite you to share about your experience and then I will share what I saw, heard, and felt from my end as we look at the image together.  Oftentimes, there are recommendations for you to try to aid you on your journey.

𖤐 The total time is approximately 60 minutes.

✰ How Much is a Session? ✰

A session is $88 for Reiki, the image, and the guidance.  Various payment options are available.  

✰ How Do I Find Out More or Book a Session? ✰

Contact me!  I'm happy to answer your questions and see if Reiki is right for you :)